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District Grand Priory of Strathclyde

Order of the Temple

Order of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta

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R E Fra Robert S M Stewart

District Grand Prior

I have the pleasure in submitting my third Annual Report as the District Grand Prior of the District Grand Priory of Strathclyde.

During the term 2015-2016, the District has had again a busy year. Commencing as is it did by the Annual Muster of the District on that occasion the district held the Raffle in aid of Children’s Charities, with the Preceptories of St. Mungo and Monklands nominating Glasgow Battalion of the Boys Brigade and Mallard with Monklands nominating Mavisbank Special Needs School respectively, and it was my honour to present these nominated recipients with a cheque for the sums of £250, £250 and £500 each and of which photographs are on the Web site.

Throughout the year, we conducted our Annual Visitations and attended the Annual Installations of all Sixteen Preceptories. On each occasion, we were warmly welcomed and I am again pleased to report that at the Annual Visitations to each Preceptory the grade work was carried out to a high standard for which I congratulate the Preceptors and their Officers on their efforts. The District Grand Secretary and District Grand Treasurer examined the administrative books of each Preceptory.

It is pleasing to note that 15 out of the 16 Preceptories again carried out their own installations one of the Preceptory installations being carried out by a Commissioned Officer of the District, the other Preceptory due to a bereavement within the family of the Preceptor elect, which precluded from being installed within his own Preceptory muster was installed by a Commissioned Officer within a sister Preceptory I express my appreciation to the Past Preceptors and Fraters of that Preceptory and I am gratified to report that all the installations were performed to a very high standard.

I was honoured to receive and accept an invitation to represent the District, at the Installation of the Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Lanarkshire Middle Ward on 16h April 2016, on that occasion Ven Fra and M Ex Comp Alexander R Brown was installed as Dist Supt; and I would extend my appreciation to my commission and Fraters who accompanied me on that occasion.

The District Grand Priory, was honoured to receive an invitation to attend on the 10th September 2016, the Bi-Centennial of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire Middle Ward and also on the 11th December 2016 the sixth “Christmas Carol Service”, was held by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire Middle Ward which was held within the Hamilton Old Parish Church. This has become an event to which all the branches of Masonry look forward too as all receive an invitation. I was honoured to receive that invitation to participate as the District Grand Prior in the celebrations.

By the acknowledgment of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire Middle Ward and the Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Lanarkshire Middle Ward, our Order is being made known to other Freemasons in that particular area and should and must, be continued to be supported by the Fraters of the District.

The offering which was uplifted during the Carol Service plus donations received from other Masonic orders was in aid of “Lanarkshire Association for Mental Health” and raised on this occasion the sum of £1,200.

I am pleased to announce that the initiative started by the Preceptory of Saint John Glasgow in having a joint Muster where one Preceptory acts as host with three other Preceptories conducting the grade work, this proved such a success and which encourages inter-visitation between Preceptories will now be continued by the Preceptory of Saint John Cambuslang.

The District held the Annual Divine Service on the 15th May 2016, under the auspices of the Preceptory of Saint John Cambuslang, and was well supported by the members of the District and their families on the day.

My grateful thanks to all the fraters of that Preceptory and to the Kirk Session of East Kilbride Old Parish Church.

Regretfully there have been several Fraters, who have passed beyond the veil, all of whom will be sadly missed by their nearest and dearest, many of them much respected in other Orders and who will be especially missed within their respective Preceptory.

I thank all of the District Officers, for their continuing support during the year having maintained an average attendance at Annual Visitations and Installations of 20; I would also extend my thanks to Em Fra Nigel T Spike HGH Dist Grand Secretary for his assistance and work behind the scenes during the year.

Rt Em Fra. Robert S. M. Stewart

District Grand Prior of Strathclyde.


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The Preceptory of The Temple in Glasgow have their Malta Muster on Tuesday 9th October – an addition to the Musters already noted on the Kalendar.  I would be grateful if you would let interested Fratres know of the change. - DG Secretary